About Us

Bandology was willed into being by people dedicated to fostering a continuing love of music throughout the teenage years and beyond.

United by common goals while participating in a high school music parent association, the co-founders were inspired to go beyond the classroom and into the community to help spread the love of music.

As a self-employed marketing consultant and serial entrepreneur, Lisa Michaels has never forgotten the fascination and fun of playing in the high school band – nor those band trips! Lisa recently auditioned for and joined a local award-winning acapella choir and is currently trying to relearn tonic and dominant notes.

Lisa is the Executive Director of Bandology and can be reached at lisa@bandology.ca.


When not running operations at various locations of a national home improvement store, Peter VanDuzer can be found providing encouragement and counsel to the local high school concert bands. Among the instruments to be found in his home are trombones, a double bass, a euphonium, a trumpet and a few more.

Peter is the Program Director of Bandology and can be reached at peter@bandology.ca.


As a former member of an award-winning high school wind ensemble, Erin Workman knows first hand the feeling of accomplishment that comes when making music in a band community. She is currently studying to become a teacher at Brock University in Saint Catharines and looks for any opportunity to encourage young musicians.

Erin is our Education Coordinator and can be reached at erin@bandology.ca.


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