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Revitalize Your Music Program

Music teachers are amazing! In the best of times, you do an incredible job, but the past two years have been difficult to say the least. From pausing playing instruments to less music classes overall, there’s a lot to manage. Plus, it’s difficult to plan out how to restart these crucial programs in your school.

That is why we have partnered up with the Ontario Band Association (OBA) to create a series of modules on revitalizing your music program!

This easy month by month breakdown will allow you to plan ahead to achieve exactly what you want your program to look like.

You can follow all the steps or modify it for your specific school. What we want you to know is that we are here to support you and all the wonderful things you are doing for music education inside and outside of the classroom!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@onband.ca or info@bandology.ca.


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