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Music Education

At Bandology, we strive to support teachers in a variety of ways. Click here to check out this list of ten tools to help music teachers.

Lesson Plans

Bandology worked with an amazing bunch of music teachers from across Ontario to create resources that will hopefully make teaching music a little easier. Feel free to share the resources with your colleagues and students. Click here to access our free downloadable lesson plans.

Composer Spotlights

In our Composer Spotlights, Bandology is pleased to highlight more than 50 composers who inspire us and come from communitites which are too often underrepresented. Click here to read about these diverse and talented artists from Canada and across the globe.

What’s Your Forte interviews

For What’s Your Forte, we interview professional musicians, conductors, composers and music educators about their musical journeys. Click here for the What’s Your Forte interview series.

Tips for Teachers

Looking to incorporate more technology into your music class? Click here to learn more about educational technologies you can infuse into your classroom.

Musician Spotlights

Women conductors – A spotlight on female conductors in the music industry.

Pride month – A list of Canadian musicians who identify as a part of the LGBTQ community and online resources.

National Indigenous History Month – A list of Indigenous musicians and online resources.

Presentations For Teachers

Click here to check out Bandology’s presentations on advocating and building your music programs.

Kids and parents tell us why music education is important!

Kids say why music education is important

Bandology is a Canadian non-profit dedicated to more music for more kids via education, collaboration and community.

Why Music Education is Important to Parents

Bandology asked parents why music education is important.


Bandology’s research infographics show you the impact music education has on academics, transferable skills, mental and physical health and more! Check them out here.

Check out this video on the benefits of music education!

Benefits of Music Education - Research from Bandology

Every week, Bandology provides the latest in music education research on our social media pages, research which proves that music makes kids smarter.In this ...

Further Reading

Click the links below to find studies on connecting music education and a variety of subjects!


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