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Music, the Brain and Cognition

Research Links

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Learning with music can change brain structure, says study

The project brought together researchers from the university’s Institute for Music in Human and Social Development, Clinical Research Imaging Centre and Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, and from clinical neuropsychology at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Want to ‘train your brain’? Forget apps, learn a musical instrument

he multimillion dollar brain training industry is under attack. In October 2014, a group of over 100 eminent neuroscientists and psychologists wrote an open letter warning that “claims promoting brain games are frequently exaggerated and at times misleading”.

This Music Teacher Played His Saxophone While In Brain Surgery

Dan Fabbio was 25 and working on a master’s degree in music education when he stopped being able to hear music in stereo. Music no longer felt the same to him. When he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he immediately worried about cancer. Fortunately, his tumor was benign.

Boost Memory and Learning With Music | Parenting Tips & Advice

Did you know you can boost memory and learning with music? When we heard a familiar song, we are often able to recall a moment from our past that is connected to that tune. Learn more on PBS KIDS for Parents.


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