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There’s just something amazing about camp, isn’t there? Hanging with your pals, doing stuff you love, running around in the fresh air, showing off new skills. The team at Bandology all have camp in their blood, whether it was a few decades ago for our co-founders or a few years ago for our summer staff. Camp is where you make memories and friends that last a lifetime.

But for those kids who LOVE music class, there aren’t many options. You could try rock band camp or maybe musical theatre, but if you play clarinet or trombone, you used to be out of luck.

That’s why the team at Bandology created the GTA’s first-ever band camp! Established in 2017 with our first curriculum-based Band Camp, we’ve grown every year and have expanded our options to include Band Camp Junior and Band Camp Online.

Our fifth annual Band Camp V, plus Band Camp Junior, takes place the week of July 12-16, 2021. Given the limitations from the pandemic, we are adapting to a non-wind instrument camp (no blowing) using handheld instruments and tons of fun. Click here for all the details about Band Camp V in 2021.

Think you are a bit too old to be a camper but have lots of experience and expertise to offer? Apply to become a music mentor! Open to students in grades 11 and up who have music and/or camp experience. Click here to learn more.

For those who want a virtual camp, there’s Band Camp Online as well, held the week of July 26-30 via Zoom.

If you have any questions about our camps, feel free to email us anytime at info@bandology.ca. We’re always happy to talk about kids and music!

NEW! Band Together – Monthly Music Hang! Click here for all the details!

We’ve had some amazing faculty for our summer band camps!

2021 – no faculty due to COVID-safe camp

2020 – no faculty due to online camp

2019 Band Camp faculty

2018 Band Camp faculty

2017 Band Camp faculty


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