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When it comes to making changes at the government, school board or administration level, parents are the best advocates for their children. As taxpayers and community members, parents have a real voice when it comes to advocating for changes that help children succeed in school and in life.

Kids say why music education is important

Bandology is a Canadian non-profit dedicated to more music for more kids via education, collaboration and community. You can find out more about our organiza…

Why Music Education is Important to Parents

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We are always happy to sit down with parent groups or school councils to talk about the long-term value of music education. Please contact us now at info@bandology.ca or (905) 469-6278.

There are plenty of studies and research on the benefits of music education – click here to find out more.

Bandology supports the Fairness for Arts Ontario movement. Click here to learn more about it.

Presentations to help teachers advocate for their school music programs:

The Long-Term Value of Music Education – presented at the HDSB PIC conference, October 19, 2019

Build Your Music Program with Community Collaboration – presented at the OMEA conference, November 3, 2018

Gaining Community Support to Advocate for your Music Program in the New Normal – presented at the Vermont Music Educators Association conference, February 11, 2022

Phone Zap to the provincial government about the value of music education, July 2021

Click here to learn about our successful phone zap.

Music and Social Change online event, August 2021

In collaboration with Books Arts Music Collective, we hosted an online event, Music and Social Change, focusing on how community members can use music to invoke socio-political change and advocate for causes dear to them.

The event featured historical and contemporary perspectives of people using music to change the world.

Music educator and Bandology staff member Sandy Wright covered how music has been used to change the fabric of society. Participants learned about the history of protest music and enjoyed musical performances that local musical artists have used to invoke change in their communities.


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