Our Services

At Bandology, our goal is simple: more music for more kids. The more kids play and perform, the more they are able to absorb the myriad of benefits – transferable skills like self-confidence, focus, collaboration, leadership, time management, organization and more; more likely to get good grades, be on the honour roll, get accepted to university, be offered scholarships; be more well-rounded and attractive to employers both now and in the future. We know this from both anecdotal evidence as well as research studies from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Our services in support of this goal include:

Opportunities to Play and Perform:

Band Camp and Band Camp Junior

Band Camp Online

Play A Gig and Play A Gig Online

Private instrument lessons

Band trips

Resources and Research:

Resources about the power of music

Research on the long-term benefits of music education

Music Education resources for teachers

Composer Spotlights

What’s Your Forte interview series


Advocating for Music Education

Team building workshops

Presentations for parents about the benefits of music

Presentations/workshops for music teachers about growing your music program with community collaboration

Assistance and advice for music teachers

Want to find out more or looking for something else? Email us – we’d love to discuss it with you.