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Are you a student musician looking for performance opportunities in Halton, Guelph, Kitchener or Waterloo? Look no further! The Bandology Play A Gig program provides student musicians with performance opportunities in the community AND online!

What’s the challenge? To put yourself out there, to collaborate with your fellow student musicians, to become a student-led ensemble with nary a teacher in sight. To share your love of music and to remind your audience about the power of music to connect us all. To gain a new skill and get some personal performance experience – great for jobs, post-secondary and scholarship applications. To become a more well-rounded person and engage with the greater community outside of school. And – it’s fun!

Bandology is open to soloists and small ensembles and acts can be made up of any combination of instruments and styles, such as vocals, strings, jazz, pop, rock, etc. As a non-profit, Bandology strives to connect keen young musicians with opportunities to play. Unfortunately, we do not receive funding for paid performances and all opportunities with us are volunteer.

Why Play A Gig?

The rush of performing never gets old – the energy from the audience, being on stage, the nerves and excitement – immersing yourself in something you love and sharing it with others! Bandology shares this love for performance, which is why we started the Play A Gig program in order to find and share these great opportunities with student musicians looking to perform. With the Play A Gig program, you’ll be able to share your love of music and remind your audience of the power music has to bring people together.

Bandology offers volunteer hours for performing at and attending Play A Gig events, which makes this a great opportunity to earn hours while doing something you are passionate about! Experiences with Play A Gig allow for students to become more well-rounded people, with opportunities to engage with their community outside of school, practice their musical skills and gain some personal performance experience. All of these aspects will help your development and give you an edge when pursuing part-time jobs, scholarships and post-secondary applications.


“A few of us who have been performing music for years reflected on how special it was to create space and opportunity for new musicians to perform for a supportive crowd.” Brandon Agnew, Courtyard Arts Market Event Organizer

“We loved being able to meet new very talented friends and gain more performing experience.” Play A Gig performer

Check out some of our favourite performers!


Hayley Festeryga

Previous In-Person Gigs:

  • Open Mics at Buncrana Golf Course in Dundas, Summer 2022
  • Citivan Farmer’s Market in Oakville, Summer 2022
  • Black Bull, Burlington, Summer 2022
  • MP Pam Damoff’s New Year’s Levee, January 2020
  • Halton Learning Foundation Benefit Bash, November 2019
  • Oakville Culture Days, QE Park CCC, Oakville, September 2019
  • Midnight Madness, Oakville, July 2019
  • Falgarwood Public School Fun Fair, Oakville, June 2019
  • Eastview Public School Fun Fair, Oakville, June 2019
  • Film.ca Theatres, Oakville, June 2018, May-June 2019

Interested in hosting a musician at your event?

Are you looking for musicians to play at an event, either in person or virtually? Want to host a gig at your organization to help drive traffic or attract new customers? Send an email to gigs@bandology.ca and we’ll arrange musicians to play for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Play A Gig?

  • Our Play A Gig program connects student musicians, whether individual or in ensembles, with performance opportunities in the community and online. Participants in the Play A Gig program can receive volunteer hours for their participation.

What is Bandology?

  • Bandology is a non-profit organization that promotes more music for more kids via education, collaboration and community.

How should I prepare for a gig?

  • Musicians should prepare a set that is appropriate for the gig requested, any specific requirements for the venue will be shared upon booking. While not required, musicians are welcome to send their set list in advance to ensure they have the right content for their gig.
  • The set should last the amount of time given and musicians should strive to not go over that limit. Many gigs have a strict time limit and we want to ensure all acts can play for their allotted time without being cut off. 
  • The set should be well rehearsed and ready to be performed. 
  • Musicians should arrive at least 15 minutes before the event starts for setup and soundcheck. If musicians are late, any time lost may be cut from the length of their set. This includes set-up/take-down time running long.
  • Come prepared to set up any and all gear that you need for your set. Though Bandology staff may be around to lend a hand, musicians are responsible for setting up their own gear.

What should I bring to my event?

  • Musicians are responsible for bringing the equipment necessary for their performance. Bandology has some equipment, if you think you will need something inform the Play A Gig organizer of what you will need from Bandology at least 72 hours ahead of time.

Will Bandology handle set-up?

  • Musicians must be able to set up their own equipment. Bandology staff are not responsible for handling or setting up musicians’ equipment. If musicians need assistance, staff may be asked to help but are not obliged to do so. Bandology staff will not be held responsible for any damages or losses to personal equipment.

Are these paid gigs?

  • No. As a non-profit organization, Bandology does not receive funding for this program and therefore does not offer paid opportunities for these events. Our Play A Gig program is designed to offer work experience and performance opportunities to young musicians, rather than funding. Bandology does offer volunteer hours to those in high school.

What if I can't make it to the gig?

  • Bandology understands that some circumstances are unavoidable and that cancellations may happen. Please notify the Play A Gig organizer at least 48 hours in advance so that a replacement musician may be found if necessary.

What should I do once I have finished my set?

  • Musicians are encouraged to show respect to other Bandology musicians and staff by staying for the entirety of the event. If musicians have to leave due to prior commitments, please inform the Play A Gig organizer beforehand. Bandology typically has multiple musicians perform at events. Play A Gig musicians are considered representatives of Bandology – unprofessional and disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated.


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