Play A Gig

Virtual Play A Gig Livestream Series

Every Thursday evening at 8 pm on Bandology’s Instagram.

While the Play A Gig program is currently on hold right now, you can still be making music at home. Make a video of yourself playing a song or a piece of rep and send us the link. There’s a lot of joy to be had from sharing music in a virtual way.

You can also start prepping some pieces for future Play A Gig opportunities when the program restarts.

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Play a Gig

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Calling all student musicians! The Bandology Play A Gig program provides student musicians with performance opportunities in the community

What’s the challenge? To put yourself out there, to collaborate with your fellow student musicians, to become a student-led ensemble with nary a teacher in sight. To share your love of music and to remind your audience about the power of music to connect us all. To gain a new skill and get some personal performance experience – great for jobs, post-secondary and scholarship applications. To become a more well-rounded person and engage with the greater community outside of school. And – it’s fun!

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We welcome soloist, duets, trios, quartets, quintets – you get the picture – and can be any combination of instrumental, vocal, strings, jazz, pop, rock, etc. We arrange the venue and can provide letters for volunteer hours upon request. New events will be listed as they come up, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently.


Are you looking for musicians to play at an event? Want to host a gig at your organization to help drive traffic or attract new customers? Send an email to and we’ll arrange for an ensemble to play for you.


Current Performers:


Hayley Festeryga

Paradise Road


Previous Gigs:

  • MP Pam Damoff New Year’s Levee, January 2020
  • Youth Jam at Piper Arms, November 2019-present
  • Halton Learning Foundation Benefit Bash, November 2019
  • Oakville Culture Days, QE Park CCC, Oakville, September 2019
  • Sunday Afternoon Concert Series, July 2019-present
  • Courtyard Arts Market, Hamilton, July 2019
  • Midnight Madness, Oakville, July 2019
  • It’s Your Festival, Hamilton, June 2019
  • Milton Strawberry Fair, June 2019
  • Falgarwood Public School Fun Fair, Oakville, June 2019
  • Outdoor Performance at Hippie Pops, Oakville, June 2019
  • Eastview Public School Fun Fair, Oakville, June 2019
  • 12 hours of Free Hugs and Open Mic, Lick the Whisk, Hamilton, June 2019
  • Oakville Community Foundation AGM, St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, Oakville, May 2019
  • Oakville Culture Days, QE Park CCC, Oakville, September 2018
  • Theatres, Oakville, June 2018, May + June 2019
  • Breaking Bread: Food Trucks and Friends, St. George’s Anglican Church, Burlington, June 2018
  • Fundraising event for Sleeping Children Around the World, Grace Lutheran Church, Oakville, June 2018


  • Usually you will play indoors providing live music for the general public, although for many summer events you may be playing outside.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes in advance of your performance time.
  • Generally, there is no power available, so no amps/microphones/speakers unless we’ve discussed it first.
  • Chairs will be provided (and sometimes music stands).
  • All you need is to bring your instrument, music and your best self!


“A few of us who have been performing music for years reflected on how special it was to create space and opportunity for new musicians to perform for a supportive crowd.” Brandon Agnew, Courtyard Arts Market Event Organizer

“We loved being able to meet new very talented friends and gain more performing experience.” Play A Gig performer

We can’t wait to meet you and to hear you! If you have any questions, please email or call 905-469-6278.

Performers – please complete the Play A Gig policy form.

Instagram Livestream Performer Instructions