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Northcode is a young pop-rock band from Burlington, Ontario, that plays original music and covers. The band is composed of four talented students between the ages of 16 to 20 that play a mix of pop and rock, creating an energetic, dynamic style that dances around heartfelt lyrics.

The members of the band all come from different backgrounds but came to meet and become friends in Canada. The name “Northbound” represents the journey of their families that brought them together in this wonderful country.

They have been performing separately for a few years and have quite a bit of experience. As Northbound, they played for the first time at the “2019 Burlington YMCA Band Battle” at the end of March, where they were asked to be the support band for the “2019 Hamilton YMCA Band Battle” and won the opportunity to play for the “2019 Sound of Music Club Series”. They played at “It’s Your Festival” in Hamilton and the 2019 Midnight Madness Festival in Oakville in July. They have also played at local coffee shops such as Lick the Whisk, fun fairs, bars and others.


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