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Lisa Michaels (she/her) is passionate about the value of music and its benefits, having seen its impact on her own children – all saxophonists – and has never forgotten the fascination and fun of playing in the high school band – nor those band trips! She has spent more than two decades running her own businesses as a marketing consultant and serial entrepreneur. Lisa is also a member of a local award-winning a capella chorus.

Lisa is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Bandology and can be reached at lisa@bandology.ca.


Lisa Michaels

Peter VanDuzer (he/him) has been actively engaged in the greater music community for many years. Helping music mentors plan activities at Band Camp is reminiscent of the many years Peter spent running summer camps in northern Ontario. In his current day job, Peter manages a national home improvement store and has been volunteering for children since 1985, including with the Lawson Foundation.

Peter is the Co-Founder and President of Bandology and can be reached at peter@bandology.ca.

Peter VanDuzer

Our Staff Team 2022

Ever since she played the recorder as a child, Jasmin Anthonypillai (she/her) has made music an integral part of her life. She received her Bachelor of Arts and Science, with a minor in Neuroscience and Music, from the University of Guelph. Jasmin is a pianist at her local church and a member of an award-winning a capella chorus. She fondly remembers her love of playing trumpet in her high school band class.

Jasmin is our Operations Manager and can be reached at jasmin@bandology.ca.


Finding joy in all kinds of music-making, Sandy Wright (he/him) strives to share that joy in his work as an educator, performer, and composer. His passion for music was shaped by his high school’s band program, and he holds Master of Arts degrees in Community Music and Composition. His music has been performed at festivals and in concerts in Canada and the UK. Sandy teaches privately in Waterloo, performs with the band adult recreation centre and is Artistic Director for the theatre collective One Strange Night Productions.

Sandy is our Education Manager and can be reached at sandy@bandology.ca.


Sandy Wright

Ryan MacKinnon started playing guitar at eight years old and switched over to drum kit when he was 10. Upon entering high school he found a new love in playing classical percussion instruments. He is now pursuing his Bachelor of Music in Self-Directed Performance at Wilfrid Laurier University. Ryan has played with the Guelph Symphony Orchestra, Stratford Symphony Orchestra and Grand Philharmonic Choir. He also is a teacher at the Kitchener Academy of Music. Ryan loves to share all the things that he has learned on his journey to help young musicians excel.

Ryan is our Camp Coordinator and can be reached at ryan@bandology.ca.


Ryan MacKinnon

Olivia Vaughan (she/her) has been involved with music making for her entire life thanks to a musical family. From dance and voice lessons when she was small to playing the flute in T.A. Blakelock’s Wind Ensemble and participating in local theatre productions, Olivia has always been involved in creating music. She is working on her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Western University, pursuing a double major in English and Music. Olivia is grateful for the transferable skills that being involved in music develops and wants to help ensure that everyone can have the opportunities she had.

Olivia is our Program Coordinator and can be reached at olivia@bandology.ca.

Kathryn Wild (she/her) is a Commerce student at Queen’s University in the Smith School of Business. Kathryn has always been involved with music, including playing the oboe in her school bands and the Halton Intermediate Winds. She sang in a choir growing up and continues to enjoy playing the piano. As a past camper at Band Camp, Kathryn is excited to return to Bandology to use her business skills to make a difference within music education and to give back to her community. She believes that music is a way of connecting to one another and making lifelong friendships.

Kathryn is our Business Coordinator and can be reached at kathryn@bandology.ca.

Tamara Djuknic (she/her) is a political science student at Wilfrid Laurier University. She found her passion for music at a young age through her family and participated in many choirs and played the bass clarinet in various bands throughout her childhood. Tamara is excited to join Bandology and advocate for music education as she believes music is a key component to communication and building ties within the community.

Tamara is our Advocacy Coordinator and can be reached at tamara@bandology.ca.

Asha Swann (she/her) is a Bachelor of Journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson). She grew up in a family full of music lovers. Throughout her life, Asha has learned to play piano, clarinet and electric bass. She hopes to combine her love of music with her passions for communications and media this summer at Bandology.

Asha is our Marketing Coordinator and can be reached at asha@bandology.ca.

Juliette Rivers (she/her) is a recent graduate from Brescia University College. She’s always had a love of music and currently is learning how to play guitar so she can play along to her favourite songs. Juliette is excited to put her skills and knowledge in consumer behaviour and marketing to use to help with music education and to help create lasting friendships within the music community.

Juliette is our Marketing Coordinator and can be reached at juliette@bandology.ca.

Lucas Redwood (he/him) started playing drums and percussion at the age of five and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree in percussion at Humber College. Lucas enjoys collaborating with other musicians and has recently played multiple online concerts including Sunday Night Live in the Music Exchange, the Virtual Canadian Original Live Music Series with soFX Canada, and performances in Barrie’s Live Music Show. Lucas has worked with Bandology for the last two years and loves sharing his passion of music with young musicians.

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Lucas is currently on leave.



We’ve also had some amazing faculty for our summer band camps!

2022 Band Camp faculty

2021 – no faculty due to COVID-safe camp

2020 – no faculty due to online camp

2019 Band Camp faculty

2018 Band Camp faculty

2017 Band Camp faculty

Bandology is a proud recipient of Canada Summer Jobs grants to fund these summer positions in 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018.


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