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Percussion Lessons

Whether you are a beginner who has never touched a drumset or an experienced drummer, these lessons will teach you many elements of music. Ryan will focus his lessons on technique, reading music, how to show musicality on the drums, improvisation, and theory based exercises. His teaching style is organized around what the students want out of the lessons and he cares deeply about each student’s success.


Practicing at home is a very important part of learning a new instrument, especially on the drums. You need to learn to coordinate all 4 of your limbs at the same time. The first month of lessons is set up so that you will not need to do as much home practice, but more thinking, listening and interpreting. After this if you choose to continue lessons it is highly recommended that you have some way to practice on a drum kit at home in order to get benefits out of the lessons. 

I understand that it is a large investment to buy a good quality full sized drum set. So! You have options. Electric drum sets are cheaper than acoustic sets, and they are significantly less noisy. You also have the option of just buying individual pieces of a drum set, which would include: Snare Drum, Bass Drum, High-hat. There are also plenty of cheaper acoustic sets that you could start off with. If you need support or don’t know what you should be looking for, feel free to reach out and I can give you some suggestions!

Your Percussion Teacher

Ryan MacKinnon

Bachelor of Music in Self-Directed Performance, Laurier University

Ryan MacKinnon



  • Classical Percussion
  • Drums (Rock, Jazz, Funk, Pop)
  • Tuesday nights after 4:30pm 
  • Wednesday nights after 4:30pm


  • $25 per lesson
  • Each lesson is 30 minutes
  • One-hour lessons are available upon request
  • Special try-out rate for the first month! $18 per lesson
  • I’m more than happy to setup a free trial lesson, contact me for more details

Payment are to be made in advance at the beginning of every month, via e-transfer, cash or cheque.

Makeup Classes

Makeup classes will be held on specific days of the week. If you miss a lesson you can book a makeup class with no extra charge. 

Contact me for more info!

Contact me!


 (905) 580-9412


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