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Donate to Bandology

As a small non-profit, we rely on donations, grants and government funding to help us on our mission to provide, support and advocate for more music for more kids.

Your donation could really make a difference in a variety of ways, including:

  • help send a kid to Band Camp
  • help young musicians perform at Play A Gig
  • support Music Workshops for students

Feel free to contact us at info@bandology.ca about making a corporate donation or a monthly repeating donation.

Thank you to our recent donors:

  • Monique and family, Oakville
  • Andra and Paul, Oakville
  • Yvette F, Oakville
  • Brenda L, Oakville
  • Heather D, Oakville
  • Karen and Brenda, Ancaster
Used Instruments

Have a used instruments collecting dust in the basement? Donate it to Bandology! If you have a concert band instrument, we’ll get it fixed up and playable and loan it out to a keen music student in need.


Pianos are not concert band instruments and, unfortunately, we don’t have any facilities to house pianos nor funds for moving and tuning them. However, tag us on social media or send us an email and we’ll happily share info on free pianos to our followers.


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