Band Camp Online!

The results are in and Band Camp Online 2020 was a success! We had a week of games, masterclasses and a whole lot of fun. In creating an online camp, we strove to make it not only a place for campers to learn more about music and sharpen some of their instrumental skills over the summer, but a place to be social again. During this challenging time, we understand the healing power of music and the importance of staying connected. Shifting our usual camp to an online format was a new and exciting way to reach young musicians.

Don’t just take our word for it:

  • 85% of campers said that camp was an amazing experience and parents agreed
  • 66% of parents want to send their kids next year
  • 85.7% of campers can’t wait to come back next year!
  • Campers rated the experience of camp online as either great or amazing!
happy kids at Band Camp Online

Campers and parents alike thought the camp was social, affordable and engaging! 

All campers rated the sectionals as amazing or great and enjoyed learning from highly skilled instrumentalists!

100% of campers felt it was a great way to hang out and make new friends!

happy kids at Band Camp Online

The most popular activities included a show and tell, music-themed Jeopardy and our original games designed to get campers up and moving while developing musicianship skills. 

What do campers and their parents have to say: 

happy kids at Band Camp Online

“Surprised by the things you can do at online band camp.” 

happy kids at Band Camp Online

“I was very impressed with how well organized the camp was and how engaged my boys were for everything being online!“

“I loved finding other people with the same interests.” 

“Thank you for creatively finding a way to engage my teen. The games were unique and inventive. During a time of social isolation, this was much appreciated.”