Play A Gig Online

While musicians can’t perform live or in groups right now, Bandology has been working on several Play A Gig Online options for musicians to perform from their home thanks to the power of the internet.

Online Performance Options

Virtual Performance Series

The easiest way to start sharing your music online is our Virtual Performance series. Simply send us a video of a piece you’ve been working on. It can be either a short 30-60 segment or a full piece of music. You just need to film yourself playing the piece then send it to us at Bandology, along with a short bio. We’ll polish up any audio issues and premiere it via our Facebook and YouTube channel!

Livestream Series

Here’s your chance to perform live without the pressure of an audience. Our Livestream series gives musicians a chance to perform live on social media by playing 3-4 songs. You’ll also chat with a Bandology musician about music, performing, rehearsing and the power of music, and compare notes about playing and musical inspirations. The livestream takes place via Zoom and is streamed live to our Facebook page.

Musician Showcase Series

The Musician Showcase series amps up the performance factor compared to the Livestream series. Over the course of 30-60 minutes, you will perform a set of music on Zoom which will be streamed live to our Facebook page. You’re in control of this event – you introduce yourself, speak about the songs you’re performing and talk about your musical inspirations and what music means to you. To make it easier, you’ll connect with one of our Bandology musicians who’ll explain the process, give you guidance on the technical aspects and provide encouragement and advice.

Collaborative Series

Ready to collaborate with other musicians? Here’s your chance to gain experience in performing virtually with a diverse group of musicians. Here’s how it works – contact us with the piece of music you want to perform and the parts you are looking for. One of our Bandology musicians will help you find other musicians to collaborate with. You film yourself performing the piece, which is then set to the other musicians to play against as the main track. Then the Bandology team takes all the footage and assembles it into a final group video. Bandology will screen the video via our social media channels and voila! A very cool collaboration.


You can see lots of cool performance videos on our YouTube channel – click here to subscribe.