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Performer Instructions for Play A Gig Livestreams

Pre-livestream Day

  • After a Bandology staff member has contacted you about performing, confirm with them a time and date for your livestream performance
  • Send us a short bio and photo for posting on Bandology’s social media 

Livestream Day

  • Use Instagram on a phone for the livestream
  • Make sure to carefully prop your phone on something stable so the host and viewers can see you clearly, like a music stand
  • Figure out how you need to tilt or adjust the camera for when you are playing your instrument – we want to see it
  • Work with the lighting source in the room to ensure that your face is bright – be sure to do this in advance
  • Solid colours tend to show your face best
  • Make sure you can hear yourself okay. You might want to consider wearing headphones
  • The livestream will last at least a half hour and up to an hour (when the livestream time runs out)

To ask to join a friend’s live video that you’re watching

  • Tap Request when you see the option to request to join the live video
  • Tap Send Request
  • You’ll receive a notice that you’re about to join the live video when your request is accepted

Once you are admitted into the livestream, the host will prompt you with questions and when to play the pieces you have prepared.

Fast Five Questions

We ask all our guests these questions and wanted to share them with you in case you need time to think about them (because we ask them fast!)

  1. Your favourite concert
  2. Your musical inspiration growing up
  3. Favourite movie soundtrack
  4. Instrument you wish you played
  5. Hidden talent

We will also ask you this question: Why is music education important?


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