Bandology is happy to be partnered with multiple different organizations!


SoFX Canada

SoFX Canada was founded by Robert Mayor and is a music organization that helps provide music opportunities for musicians similar to our Play a Gig program. One of their main events they run is called the Canadian Original Live Music Series, which is an event that gives young musicians that write original music a chance to perform. The goal of our partnership is to find events where musicians from both our organizations can perform.


Crash Rhythm

Crash Rhythm provides alternative introductions to music education. Crash uses rhythm and group lessons to teach the basics of music. Whether you are a child starting out your musical education, or an adult brushing up on your rhythm, Crash has a program for you. We use bucket drumming to teach the foundations of music theory, ensemble work, improvisation and musical creativity. Group lessons, private lessons and performances by the popular Junk Line are available.


The Burlington Teen Tour Band

The Burlington Teen Tour Band is a famous local marching band open to people ages 13-21. The band participates in many performances each year and travels internationally.

For more information about this organization, check out staff member Lucas Redwood’s article about his experience in the band.

My Teen Tour Experience