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Jobs at Bandology – 2020

Bandology is hiring!

Bandology is a Canadian non-profit dedicated to supporting more music for more kids via education, collaboration and community. Founded by parents who have witnessed the long-term benefits of music education, we strive enrich the music experience of youth in Halton and beyond.

Bandology is looking for six summer students for May-August 2020. The rate of pay for each job is $14/hour for 40 hours a week for a 16 week period starting May 11, 2020.

These positions will be funded via the Canada Summer Jobs program in the riding of Oakville North-Burlington for youth aged 15-30. 

All jobs will be done remotely, with frequent online meetings. If camp is cancelled due to the pandemic, job descriptions will be adjusted and there will still be plenty to do.

Skills required for all positions:


  • Writing skills, for emails, reports, marketing pieces, advertising, etc.
  • Strong online research skills
  • Social media skills (Instagram/Facebook/YouTube)
  • Presentation software (Powerpoint/Slides)
  • Good with spreadsheets (Excel/Sheets)
  • Video editing and production skills would be an asset
  • Public speaking and communications skills
  • Ability to be self-motivated and work independently
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Time management, organization and focus
  • Responsible, adaptable and flexible


  • Play an instrument and currently/formerly a member of a school or community band
  • Attended/worked at summer camps would be an asset
  • Driver’s license and access to a car would be helpful
  • Access to a computer and internet is required


  • Currently enrolled in a post-secondary university or college program, or a university or college graduate.
  • Youth studying programs including music, education, child studies, marketing, business or entrepreneurship will find this to be a valuable and enriching career-related work experience.

To apply, send your resume and a short statement on how music has made a difference in your life to info@bandology.ca

Note: Every position will include job duties from each of the six descriptions below, to ensure good cross-training throughout the team, and to give all summer students a chance to learn and gain experience in a wide variety of areas. Those chosen for an interview will be assessed to find the right fit both in terms of their personal strengths as well as part of the full team.

Research Coordinator:

Gain career-related work experience in the music and education industries by collecting and analyzing research and studies on the benefits and impact of music education on individuals, communities and greater societal health. The Research Coordinator will then turn the information gathered into presentations and materials to be used to develop educational and advocacy programs, as well as in the monthly e-newsletter. The Research Coordinator will collaborate on and manage a research project to gather information for Bandology-specific needs such as success rates in post-secondary for students who studied music in grade school, etc. The Research Coordinator will develop materials and presentations to be shared with Band Camp parents, parent associations and community groups to help educate them about the long-term value of music education. The Research Coordinator will participate in all Band Camp activities as a leader/representative of Bandology and share the research collected with participants.

Education Coordinator:

Gain career-related work experience in the music, education and non-profit sectors while learning to leverage the capacity of the community to provide meaningful and sustainable access to music for students and professionals. The Education Coordinator will work on the development of a series of educational support modules – such as written materials, visual presentations, video presentations or podcasts – that will help teachers and music community members to grow and strengthen their music programs. The Education Coordinator will research and manage a database of private music teachers, clinicians and conductors, and explore and establish ways of presenting this information to the general public, including parents and teachers. The Education Coordinator will utilize these programs and databases to help develop the professional resources needed for the summer Band Camp program, as well as participate in all Band Camp activities and promotional events as a leader/representative of Bandology.

Administration Coordinator:

Gain career-related work experience in the music, education and non-profit sectors while working on various Bandology programs. The responsibilities of the Administration Coordinator will include camp administration support, project management and organizational management. The Administration Coordinator will chair staff meetings and take notes and minutes; help develop policies and procedures for the camps and the organization; work with external suppliers and networks; assist with expenses and bookkeeping; and provide general administrative support to the co-founders as well as the team as needed. The Administration Coordinator will be a member of the summer Band Camp programs and participate in all camp activities as a leader/representative of Bandology.

Marketing Coordinator:

Gain career-related work experience in marketing by promoting Bandology’s various programs. The responsibilities of the Marketing Coordinator will include promoting Band Camp, Band Camp Junior and Play A Gig via social media management and direct marketing, as well as our advocacy, research and resources programs. The Marketing Coordinator will manage and evaluate all camp surveys and feedback; manage the monthly e-newsletter; and update and expand the website. The Marketing Coordinator will participate in all Band Camp activities as a leader/representative of Bandology.

Event Coordinator:

This position provides a great way to learn more about the business side of music. The role of the Play A Gig/Event Coordinator is focused primarily on coordinating all aspects involved with the Play a Gig program, which connects student-led ensembles with performance opportunities in the community, extending music from schools into the community and helping youth gain valuable experience in performing and presenting in public. The Play A Gig/Event Coordinator is responsible for promotion, scheduling and logistics of the program, including finding performance opportunities for students through online research and by emailing potential venues. They visit schools to promote the Play a Gig program and find new musicians; confirm details and equipment for each event; and provide assistance to the ensembles performing. The Play A Gig/Event coordinator will lead musical activities at both Band Camp and Band Camp Junior.

Camp Coordinator:

The Camp Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all activities, guest speakers and curriculum for the week of camp, both for Band Camp and Band Camp Junior. The Camp Coordinator is in charge of leading activities, supporting guests and ensuring all campers at both camps have a blast! The Camp Coordinator will create and implement curriculum for both music camps; promote music education in the community through school visits and presentations for parent councils; coordinate, schedule and support special guests who will run a variety of workshops throughout the week of camp; and attend events to increase the engagement of music in the community.


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