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Midwest Band Clinic

The Midwest Band Clinic, held each December in Chicago, is the largest instrumental music education conference in North America. Having attended for two years in a row, we’ve collected some great material on music education advocacy and music program development:

Shining a Light on Urban Music Education – Nola Jones from Nashville 2017

Chamber (Music) is in Session: Student-Led Ensembles That Make Your Job Easier 2018

Connect 4: Practical Music Advocacy Communication Strategies 2018

Creative Rehearsal Techniques from Around the Country 2018

Exploit the Power of Arts Education 2018

From Greenwillow to Green Bushes in Five Years 2018

How to Succeed in Your First (or Next) Job 2018

If You PLAY Something, SAY Something 2018

Impacting State Music Education Policy: It Can Be Done 2018

Strengthening Individual Musicianship and Ensemble Performance Through Creativity 2018

The Doctor Is In: Tips for Keeping a Healthy and Happy Ensemble 2018

The Heart of the Matter: Selecting and Rehearsing Slow Repertoire 2018

Things You Think Aren’t Important Because They’re Not About Music 2018

Traits and Characteristics of a Successful Secondary Music Teacher 2018

Wage Music: Making Your Program Indispensable Through Connection 2018

Athletes and the Arts: Integrating the Science of Sport and the Performing Arts 2017

Enhancing the Ensemble Experience Using Composer Skype Sessions 2017

Fueling Creativity: Reaching All Learners Through the Arts 2017

Habits of a Significant Band Director – Scott Rush 2017

How and Why to Commission A New Work for Your Ensemble 2017

Lighting A Fire In Kids – The Three Truths 2017

Music Advocacy: Moving from Survival to Vision 2017

The 100 Gig Challenge: Extraordinary Engagement through Service Learning 2017

Also be sure to check out some of the articles and studies on our Resources page.


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