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December 2019

The latest news from Bandology

As we approach the end of the year, it’s so nice to look back at all the wonderful people we’ve met and the great events we’ve been involved in. We had a record turn-out for our 3rd annual Band Camp this past summer. New highlight – dance party!

November 2019

The latest news from Bandology

We’ve spent the past few weeks doing presentations and having meeting with parents and music teachers, and we continue to learn a lot about the issues and concerns for school music programs. The latest presentations are up on our website on the Resources page.

October 2019

The latest news from Bandology

Many people associate the fall with back to school and it’s a time of renewed learning for us as well. We recently presented a workshop at the HDSB PIC conference – check out our Resources webpage for the presentation and supporting documents – and we are off to the OMEA conference next week to do a workshop there.

September 2019

The latest news from Bandology

Back to school – woo hoo! While they might be missing out on sleeping until noon, all the kids we know are happy to be back at school and making music with their friends. Music class makes for life-long friends and memories, and the long-term benefits for future success keep showing up in every new piece of research.

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