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Band Tours

At Bandology, we believe that performance opportunities create better musicians and band tours are no exception. We design and manage customized trips for school bands and ensure that their tour is perfectly suited to their needs, not the needs of the tour company. We work with a fellow non-profit travel agency, approved by school boards, on the travel side of the tour.

What This Means:

Get ready for a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Your road trip will be built from the bottom up, following your needs and wants and adhering to your timing and budget. We will arrange for activities and experiences that fit your group, whether it’s a workshop with a top-ranked conductor or an overnight camp experience with lots of team building.

What Sets Us Apart:

As a local non-profit, Bandology gives you personal service. We know that what teachers do best is teach – not plan trips! – so we handle all aspects of trip preparation to keep you in the classroom, including:

  • Creating an itinerary customized just for you
  • Helping you with forms, spreadsheets, payment tracking and follow-ups
  • Working with approved travel agents and bus companies, as needed
  • Creating rooming lists and packing lists
  • Providing trip itineraries for students and parents, and detailed trip itineraries for teachers and chaperones
  • Presentations to your students and parents, as requested

When building a trip, we also factor in things that other companies don’t, such as funds to cover supply teachers in your absence, arranging instrument/equipment rentals and creating custom tour T-shirts and photo mementos. And we’re parents too, so we make sure that, at least once a day, every kid has a hot meal with vegetables and dessert. Seems obvious, but not every company does this.

We also understand that even with advance planning, trips such as these may not always be affordable for every student. We offer a scholarship fund to be applied with discretion at the teacher’s instruction.

When you travel, we come with you to manage all planned activities as well as unanticipated problems. We’ll never leave you stranded at a hotel desk at 11 p.m. with a mixed-up rooming list, for example.

What We Don’t Do:

Many large tour companies have standard packages that they want you to fit into – we don’t do that. Every trip is custom-made for your band. We also don’t offer any loyalty or rewards program for teachers – sorry, but we don’t think that’s appropriate. We strive to keep the cost of band trips low enough so that everyone in your group can participate.

Interested? Send us an email at info@bandology.ca, and we’ll be happy to create your band tour.


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