Welcome to Bandology

More music for more kids

Bandology is a Canadian non-profit dedicated to more music for more kids via education, collaboration and community.

Founded by parents who have witnessed the long-term benefits of music education, our goals are to:

    • Enrich the music experience of youth across Halton and beyond, and help build transferable skills via band camps, performance opportunities, workshops and community band partnerships.
    • Help music teachers engage their school community to build capacity in their extra curricular program by developing plans and programs for concerts, festivals and competitions, band trips, fundraising events and more.
    • Provide advice and resources for parents and share both anecdotes and research about the value of music education. 
    • Connect with community music programs to help find places for young musicians to participate and thrive.
    • Advocate for music education and experience by sharing resources and research with community leaders and organizations.

Music makes a difference in children’s lives by improving self-confidence and focus; learning important transferable skills such as collaboration, leadership, time management and organization; helping get into university and college and earn scholarships; getting part-time and summer jobs; all leading to future careers, including as an astronaut, a judge, an Olympian, prime minister, an astronaut AND Governor General, or even as a working musician. The skills kids get in music last a lifetime!

Music isn’t just training for one career – it’s training for all of them!

Bandology is the proud recipient of a Town of Oakville Cultural Grant administered through the Oakville Arts Council.

Bandology is the proud recipient of a Canada Summer Jobs grant in 2019 and 2018.